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Swamp Eyes - Something's In The Hall - Album Download

Swamp Eyes - Something's In The Hall - Album Download

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WALLY0009:  Something’s in the Hall is the debut, full-length album of Swamp Eyes, the experimental folk project of Indiana-based singer/songwriter, Sam Kuban. The 8-track digital album was released via Wally Opus Records on December 9, 2022. 

"The album Something’s in the Hall by Swamp Eyes is a poignant artistic expression that delves into the profound emotions experienced by a parent when confronted with an unexpected diagnosis and its subsequent challenges. Sam Kuban, the artist behind Swamp Eyes, found inspiration from personal experiences when his seventeen-month-old child was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Both in its lyrics and musical composition, this album revolves around the interconnectedness of adversity and acceptance, as well as the juxtaposition between beauty and ugliness. Through an innovative blend of chaotic folk elements, the listener is invited to immerse themselves in a tense dichotomous realm, where haunting finger-style guitar harmonizes with bursts of frenetic disarray, creating a uniquely satisfying experience." - Matt Jenson, Pitch Perfect 

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