Jax Fleming

Shy Kid redemption destined for the Big Stage


Melding influences like Cage The Elephant, Tame Impala, and Glass Animals, Jax Fleming's debut single is the real life story of going all in on a dream. (Out Now on Wally Opus Records)



There exists a rare group of artists who look more comfortable performing on stage or in front of a camera than they do in any other facet of life. There's a timelessness rockstar aura around them, like they belong in the lime light. It’s a look, a confidence, a feeling…and Jax Fleming’s got it. 

Jax cut his teeth as singer, songwriter, and frontman in his first band, Atlas of the Dogs, who within a year released an album and played over 50 shows across the Midwest including performances at the iconic venue The Victory Theatre (1900 cap) and The Ford Center (10k cap). High Energy. All In. A vibe that went viral more than once garnering Jax over 4 million views and 30,000 followers on TikTok alone. But like many budding bands before them, the changing of times dissolved Atlas as its members transitioned from college-aged to the real world. 

For the Henderson, Kentucky-native, Altas was only chapter one for Jax as he had tasted the Big Stage blood. After a taking a year to rediscover what he wants and who he is as an artist, Jax went to work in the studio to make his most authentic music presented as a solo project under his real name under his real look: edgy, hot, and a little dark.

Singing his first label deal with Indiana-based Wally Opus Records, Jax and his team prep to write the next chapter of his musical journey in a single release about going all in on his dream and putting himself out there for the World to see…and judge. For Jax, this song is “shy, unpopular kid redemption”. Melding influences like Cage The Elephant, Tame Impala, and Glass Animals, Jax Fleming’s debut single “Superficial” (out June 18) reintroduces “The Trip-State’s Favorite Frontman” (News4U) equipped with a new sound and fresh look to launch him on the Big Stage and into the Big Time where he belongs.