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the beginning

In the spring of 2018, I returned home from LA called to discover my next thing in music. Two years later, I founded Wally Opus in a tiny West Virginia Street apartment as a vehicle for producing, packaging, and releasing the music I was hearing around Southern Indiana. Today, myself and a few incredible others represent and support 10 incredible recording artists/bands from Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, New York, and Los Angeles. - Wes from Wally Opus

the logo

Meaning Making is in our bones. The Wally Logo by Cooper says it all about the 'Perfectly, Imperfect" label that could...


Ghost Prom

Two kids from a missing milk carton never got found, died, and became ghosts. Riding the wave of a cinematic soundscape, Ghost Prom is an alluring, tasteful blend of country, noir, and pop rock.

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Swamp Eyes

Sam Kuban, the songwriting dad scaring fans with his edgy, bombastic lullabies. This dark folk experiment offers the listener a deep-dive into a stressful binary world of haunting fingerstyle guitar and spastic blasts of chaos that somehow satisfyingly coexist. 

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The Chugs

The Chugs make punk music about Hamm’s beer. Hailing from the midwest, they consume, and are consumed by, America's Premium Classic. They only make music about our passions, and we are exclusively passionate about Hamm's beer. They fully embody the golden brew and headed to the land of Sky Blue Waters. You comin' with?

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Jax Wilder

Young, rich, and almost famous, Jax Wilder rebels against the idea of everything that is “normal”. His gritty, alt rock project reflects the sound 90's pop-grunge with modern flair.

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Shy twin brothers from Woodstock, New York writing idiosyncratic music that combines folk, country, and RnB with vocals styled in the likes of Frank Ocean and Blake Mills.

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Samuel Avery

Sam Mayes (of Supertrash, Unawarewolf, and Colt Graves) is back with a self-reflective solo project that teeters between glittery power-pop and catchy indie punk.

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Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams is the hardest-working dude making DIY Bro Country on this side of back 40.

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Bluestocking Sessions Recap Video

  • Perfectly, Imperfect

    By combining imperfect parts to make up a perfect whole, we can discover something new and authentic to each project and artist we serve.

  • The Process

    Dubbed, The Inward Process, ours is one of inquiring within to find truth...it's a commitment to enter the depths of The Ordinary with the intention of discovering The Extraordinary.

  • Blue Collar

    By working and living in Southern Indiana, we can embody a blue-collar work ethos applied to unconventional types of work. We can also find great things where no one else is looking…

  • Little Team

    By staying small, scrappy, and resourceful, we can be fast, agile, and inline with the needs of those we serve. We do whatever it takes, for there is little traffic in the extra mile...

  • The WOrk

    We make music. We share music. We do whatever it takes to bring to life the most inspired work of the musicians and recording artists we serve.

Some things we're proud of

Bragging Rights

Notable Social Stats

We’ve helped the artists we serve
accumulate over 1,000,000 streams
on Spotify alone.

Over 100,000 combined followers
across Instagram, TikTok, and

Over 4 million views on TikTok.

Notable Live Events

-Hosted a sold out album release show at The Astra Theatre (350 seats) and booked
over 75 shows across the Midwest for our acts since 2022.

- Assisted The Strangers in winning a national Battle of the Bands at the iconic Troubadour in LA landing them an opening spot on the main stage at the 2022 Louder Than Life music festival in Louisville, KY. (attendance 160,000 people).

- Booked The Chugs with legendary comedian Kevin McDonald from Kids in The Hall.

Notable Placements

- Placed "Roach Hockey" by Swamp Eyes and "Public Transit" by The Chugs in Cinephreak Pictures' film, Compression.

- Placed The Chugs' discography in VR game, Drunkn Bar Fight.