Swamp Eyes

Songwriting dad scaring fans with his edgy, bombastic lullabies.

New Video - "Sacrificial Ram - Live From Bluestocking Social"


    "Another master class on dynamics and how to use effects subtly. Talent is dripping from every angle on his release. There’s a lot of originality here and Kuban makes it feel easy."

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    "Boasting an infectious blend of folk, punk, and indie/alternative rock, this is a wild 8 track banger that served as an amazing introduction to the artist's unique sound. What a release!"

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    "These songs are exciting in an immediate yet thoughtful way; they punch you between the eyes and then kiss you to make up for it. Fans of acoustic-led balladry and snotty-nosed rock are likely to find this concoction exhilarating"

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Who is Swamp Eyes?

“Something’s in the Hall” is a direct emotional response to navigating the intense fear surrounding an unforeseen diagnosis and its complications from a parental perspective. Sam Kuban's child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was seventeen months old. Lyrically and musically, this record operates under the idea of the cyclical relationship of tragedy and acceptance, beauty and ugliness. This chaotic folk experiment offers the listener a deep-dive into a similarly stressful binary world of haunting fingerstyle guitar and spastic blasts of chaos that somehow satisfyingly coexist. 

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