The Chugs

The Chugs make punk music ahout Hamm's beer.

Hey Neighbor! - Six Pack #2 - Out Now

Music Video for "Minnesota": Shot-For-Shot Remake of Phantom Planet's "California"


    "I can assure you that if this is a bit, they are fully committed. It’s been a minute since I’ve heard speed punk this wild, creative and ferocious, and they sing so fast that you might not even catch the Hamm’s references unless you’re reading the lyrics!"

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    "This might be a silly concept but this band is a force of nature. They rock hard, the delivery is top notch and they meld many different genres together quite successfully. Two glowing thumbs up."

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  • QUOTE - ALT 77

    "The Chugs sound like they’ve missed the summer and have a beer and bloody murder on their mind on Sky Blue Waters. Best of all, they’re not trying to disguise any of that."

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Who are The Chugs?

The Chugs make punk music about Hamm’s beer. Hailing from the midwest, they consume, and are consumed by, America's Premium Classic. They only make music about our passions, and they are exclusively passionate about Hamm's beer. They fully embody the golden brew, and they're headed to the land of sky blue waters. The new Six Pack - Hey Neighbor! - available everywhere now.

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