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Ghost Prom - Void Sweet Void - Album Download

Ghost Prom - Void Sweet Void - Album Download

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WALLY0018:  Void Sweet Void is the debut, full-length album of Ghost Prom, the cinematic folk project of New York-based husband and wife duo, Cameron Crosby and Eden Brolin. The 10-track digital album was released via Wally Opus Records on November 17, 2023.

Lyrics/Vocals by Cameron Crosby and Eden Brolin
Produced by Aaron Mones
Mixed by Wyatt Mones
Mastered by Lurssen Mastering

“I’m glad you decided not to punch the guy in the face,” was the last thing I said via Marco Polo to Cameron just before he told me, “Oh and by the way, the album is ready!” Ten songs written by a poet, produced by a musical mastermind; all held together by angelic harmonies born of the sweetest heart. Void Sweet Void was the first album we released with an out-of-town band, and it was THE project that validated our little label operation in Southern Indiana. We met on Instagram, but our friendship was formed in the work. We’re forever grateful for Cameron and Eden’s trust and belief in us, and we’re forever excited to make and share more great work from the two spooky kids from a missing milk carton who never got found, died, and after becoming ghosts, started a band.” - Wesley Luttrell (label guy)

" should buy this. It's as magical an album as it is unexpected." - Dave Franklin, The Big Takeover

"A seriously commendable act, showcasing exceptional songwriting and delivery." - Garth Thomas, Hollywood Digest 

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***Track 4 ("I'm So Tired") is a cover song of Fugazzi's og smash, and we don't have the license to sell it here. That said, you can stream the song everywhere, or buy it on iTunes as we do have the clearances via those channels.

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