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Download - Daniel Williams - "Never Looking Back"

Download - Daniel Williams - "Never Looking Back"

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 WALLY0022:   An original work song about escaping the 12-hour days of a job in the rail yard for a better life of guitar picking and songwriting in the world of country music, “Never Looking Back” is the first Daniel Williams song produced and released with Wally Opus Records. 

"This song was an experiment for us: we had a chill beat and an acoustic song, but they were created at different times. Then one day, Daniel came in and sang his song “Never Looking Back” overtop the beat and realized it worked…and it was different! Which was a bit uncomfortable, stylistically, but we trusted it. We brought in some great players to fill out the sound; first Sam Mayes (Samuel Avery) on electric rhythm, and then Aaron Mones (Mones Bros, Spillway) to bring it home with electric lead and some good ol’ pedal steel. We then worked the arrangement off and on for a couple of weeks until we got it right." - Wesley Luttrell (Producer/ Co-writer)

Lyrics by Daniel Williams and Wesley Luttrell
Guitar - Sam Mayes
Guitar / Pedal Steel - Aaron Mones
Produced by Wally Opus
Art by Christian Potts
Photos by Dakota DeGraw

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