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Download - Ghost Prom - "El Camino (From The Green Room)"

Download - Ghost Prom - "El Camino (From The Green Room)"

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"this song was recorded in the green room at a show in Indiana. it was the first time i played it for anyone other than eden so it’s a little wonky but i LIKE it that way. art isn’t supposed to be perfect. there’s beauty in imperfection. i’m not good at seeing things this way, that’s the reason we're putting this version out. hope you enjoy." - Cameron from Ghost Prom

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WALLY0020: "El Camino (From The Green Room)" was spontaneously recorded backstage at Bluestocking Social in Evansville, Indiana before Ghost Prom's sold out show. The song was released as a single live recording via Wally Opus Records on February 23, 2024. 

Lyrics by Cameron Crosby; Music by Ghost Prom; Recorded by Wally Opus. 

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